Cannot add multiple seed clusters using KKP CE

Hi ,

I am testing out Kubermatic with KKP CE , I started with adding a seed cluster on aws and now trying to add another on GCP . The seed was created but i cant see the provider listed on the UI.

I am suspecting that with CE only one seed cluster is allowed as I can see the following note in the example manifest file for CE # The Seed *must* be named "kubermatic".

Can someone confirm if this is a limitation with KKP CE? if yes , how can we get a trial on EE and whom should we reach out.

@Ankit_Tripathi yes the CE version only can hold his own seed. The seed it-self can hold multiple providers, only the containerized control-plane ist hosted on the same master/seed cluster as shown in this diagram.

The EE version enables you to create more distributed global setups, like this one:

or edge use cases, independent of the cloud provider

To get in touch with the EE version and a trial, please contact us under: Get Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Demo

thanks @toschneck .
the CE version only can hold his own seed - does this mean that we can not have an external seed with the CE ? We have our master cluster on aws and have added an external seed (gcp), the seed is added but we the errors while trying to create custer clusters -

failed to add finalizer to Seed: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "": Post https://seed-webhook.kubermatic.svc:443/validate-kubermatic-k8s-io-seed?timeout=4s: