Combating Kube Chaos Without Losing Your Sanity

Anyone running an IT system for any amount of time can tell a story about a forgotten machine or three running somewhere that no one even knows about. From the server in the backroom that still runs Fortran to that EC2 instance from 2012 still on your monthly bill, the sprawl of IT systems is always increasing. It can quickly become an unmanageable mess full of snowflake servers both physical and virtual. System administrators have fought against this sprawl by managing servers like cattle rather than pets and implementing workflows that required approval from department heads and conformance to security policies, like only using pre-approved images or requesting it using Jira. From our experience working with customers, many of these “systems” scale through people with each addition to the sprawl consuming more management time. In addition, while many companies have many processes around managing their physical and virtualized environments, they face this same set of problems once again as they add Kubernetes to their tech stack.

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