KKP Bare Metal Use Cases

Recent questions regarding Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform for bare metal use cases:

  • Can we bring up the KubeOne cluster on baremetal from Kubermatic Dashboard?
  • What are different options for a bare metal Kubermatic deployment?

Especially for bare metal use cases, it’s important to understand the use case in detail. A good solution is mostly dependent on the individual infrastructure and customer’s use case. To give an idea about different options KKP provide, see the following scenarios:

1. KubeAdm Proivder:
Create an kubeadm cluster in Kubermatic UI and then you could join the baremetal nodes by executing kubeadm join. See Kubermatic Docs > Seed Cluster Spec spec.datacenters.<<exampledc>>.spec.bringyourown.

2. KubeVirt Provider:
Create an independent kubeone bare metal cluster, and then slicing virtualized smaller cluster with kubevirt into the baremetal cluster. See attached solution architecture Kubermatic KKP Virtualization.pdf, Kubermatic Docs > Seed Cluster Spec spec.datacenters.<<exampledc>>.spec.kubevirt.

3. Packet Provider:
KKP official support Packet as a cloud provider. Packet deliver Bare Metal as a Service. Customer can create account at Packet SingUp and use the API key in Kubermatic UI to create bare metal cluster on demand. Packet also offers an on premise solution to manage bare metal infrastructure on-site. See Kubermatic Docs > Seed Cluster Spec spec.datacenters.<<exampledc>>.spec.packet.

4. Generic KubeOne Provider (WIP):
Create KubeOne baremetal cluster managed by KKP: This use case have been implemented in an POC state, but isn’t finished so far. The basic concept in this use case would be to offer central management for individual deployed kubeone cluster, see Kubermatic KKP - KubeOne Master/Work On-Prem.pdf

5. Metal3 Provider (WIP):
Another option what we already did an poc development, is the integration of an baremetal API provider like metal3, as example take a look at this Metal3 machinedeployment.yaml.

If other use cases or implementation will come up, feel free to bring it up :slight_smile:

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You can also find additional deployment models here https://www.kubermatic.com/files/Technical-Solution-Brief-KKP-for-the-Edge.pdf