KubeCon: The First Cloud Native 5G Live Demo Ever

5G networks are poised to deliver low-latency, high-bandwidth, scalable networks to consumers and businesses worldwide. This next generation of networks is desperately needed to deliver the required high-speed connectivity to support new services and use cases like autonomous vehicles, smart cities, specialized applications, IoT, and AR/VR. While 5G networks supply unparalleled performance, capabilities, and automation for operators, they also place high demands upon them. Conventional communications and connectivity hardware is not capable of sustaining these challenging requirements. 5G is forcing telecommunication companies to reconsider how to effectively and efficiently deliver their services. Many are looking towards cloud native architectures first pioneered in enterprise and data center use cases. The resilient, flexible, scalable, and automated paradigms that define cloud native are the perfect enablers for the next generation of telecommunication use cases.

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