KubeOne Addons and Helm Charts

Is it possible to install Helm Charts into clusters using KubeOne Addons?

While technically it’s possible to use helm template to render your chart into static manifest and then us it as kubeone addon, I would recommend against this. The reason is: we need to separate CLUSTER lifecycle from APPLICATION lifecycle in this cluster. Kubeone addons are for things like CNI plugins for example.

what about:

  • custom pvc provisioners (ie trident for netapp)
  • metallb in user clusters

I would argue that this is more related to cluster-lifecycle than application-lifecycle but @kron4eg’s point is still totally valid. Pls don’t use cluster addons for non-cluster related things like the actual “payload” apps.

Anyways, AFAIK it is possible to use plain old golang templates inside the kubermatic addon manifests, so an addon can be used “almost” like a helm chart.

Edit: more here: https://docs.kubermatic.com/kubermatic/v2.14/advanced/addons/