Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Scalability

How many clusters can Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform manage?

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is built to be able to extremely scalable. We have customers using KKP to manage 100s of clusters in production and regularly test up to 1000 clusters. The real limit based on the actual architecture of the deployment including the size of the admin cluster and number of seed clusters.

Currently, depending on the cloud provider used to host the seed clusters, there can also be limits because LoadBalancers do not necessarily support infinite listeners. AWS ELB’s are limited to 50 endpoints (IIRC), so without special tuning (like enabling the “proxy per cluster” mode) a seed cluster on AWS currently cannot handle more clusters than that.

An improved variant is already worked on in https://github.com/kubermatic/kubermatic/issues/4942

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