Kubernetes Operators and CRDs

Does Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform support custom Kubernetes Operators and CRDs?

Yes, Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform supports any custom Operators and CRDs. These can either be deployed directly on the user Kubernetes cluster manually or automatically with the use of cluster addons.

Yeah, users can deploy anyhting they like into their cluster, minus what the administrator (those who run Kubermatic) prevent. For example the default node-exporter addon will reserve the default port for Prometheus’ node-exporter (9090), so users cannot create another DaemonSet in their cluster that would use the same port. Users would have to uninstall the node-exporter addon first.

Administrators can also mark addons as default and define their own. An “addon” in this sense is a collection of templated YAML manifests that are installed by default or by user request into a cluster, useful for monitoring, CNI, storage etc. For larger organization it can also make sense to roll out Pod Security Policies via addons.