Managing external clusters

I am new to KKP and have installed a CE in my environment. I can create clusters after adding the seed cluster and it seems fine .
But when i connect to an existing cluster , It is only visible on the console . I cannot manage the cluster.
Is there a way i can manage or connect to external clusters( added to kkp) from the KKP console ?

Hello Ankit,
managing external clusters is a feature we have on the roadmap but it is not yet implemented. You can connect to them like you did, but management is limited. What type of cluster do you want to connect? Is it a self installed one, a cloud provider specific or something else?

Hi Sascha ,

Thanks for getting back .
These are mixed clusters , some are self created and some are managed clusters.
When you management is limited, i can only view them in the console , are there anyother operations we will be able to perform on either of the external cluster types.

Until we have the support integrated, there is not much that you can do besides have a central coordination. Which providers would you like to use?

Hi Sascha,

thanks !!
okay , I understand. It would be really great to have some basic cluster management functionalities for the external clusters in future. Is there a feature request created already ?
I am currently using aws , but we plan to use other providers as well.