Virtual 4G Simulation Using Kubernetes And GNS3

This blog post is about how to deploy a virtual 4G stack using GNS3 and Kubernetes. It covers the following:

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Hey Sebastian / Christopher,
Could you please share the Dockerfiles you used for the OAI part? I’m struggling to build a container that’s able to run it and meet all the requirements,

Hi Nick,

Some of the code you could find here


Hi Sebastian / Christopher,

I am facing below error on deploying hss-database (mongodb):

ubuntu@oai-cn-kube:~/virtual-4g-simulator/open5gs$ kubectl logs -n open5gs mongo-0
error: a container name must be specified for pod mongo-0, choose one of: [mongo mongo-sidecar]

Can you help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance

You need to specify the container, try this

kubectl logs -n open5gs mongo-0 -c mongo
kubectl logs -n open5gs mongo-0 -c mongo-sidecar

Check also:

Thanks Sebastian.

Below is the output of commands (No output shown):

ubuntu@oai-cn-kube:~$ kubectl logs -n open5gs mongo-0 -c mongo

ubuntu@oai-cn-kube:~$ kubectl logs -n open5gs mongo-0 -c mongo-sidecar

Actually the problem is that when I deploy hss-db as suggested by you, then I see that mongodb is NOT deployed succesfully, below is status:

ubuntu@oai-cn-kube:~/virtual-4g-simulator/open5gs$ kubectl get pods -A
kube-system calico-kube-controllers-8f59968d4-lkvbd 1/1 Running 1 29h
kube-system calico-node-j9p4x 1/1 Running 1 29h
kube-system coredns-f9fd979d6-9hc7s 1/1 Running 1 29h
kube-system coredns-f9fd979d6-9ns4b 1/1 Running 1 29h
kube-system etcd-oai-cn-kube 1/1 Running 1 29h
kube-system kube-apiserver-oai-cn-kube 1/1 Running 1 29h
kube-system kube-controller-manager-oai-cn-kube 1/1 Running 4 29h
kube-system kube-proxy-tnbzf 1/1 Running 1 29h
kube-system kube-scheduler-oai-cn-kube 1/1 Running 4 29h
kubernetes-dashboard dashboard-metrics-scraper-7b59f7d4df-2czjk 1/1 Running 1 29h
kubernetes-dashboard kubernetes-dashboard-74d688b6bc-r48dj 1/1 Running 1 29h
open5gs mongo-0 0/2 Pending 0 3h20m

Can you help me to debug why it is not deployed properly?

Thanks in advance for your support

Hi Sebastian,

I am able to deploy hss-db successfully (problem was in CPU resources). Thanks for your support

Great that you have it working. Let us know you feedback.

Hi Guys,
What are the mongoDB credentials to access it via web?
Great work


Sorry guys, I meant Open5gs web-ui credentials.

Hi guys,
I am getting the error below, May someone help me?


S1-Setup failure: (…/src/mme/s1ap-handler.c:147)
12/18 20:44:13.440: [mme] WARNING: Cannot find Served TAI. Check ‘mme.tai’ configuration (…/src/mme/s1ap-handler.c:148)
12/18 20:44:18.566: [mme] INFO: eNB-S1[] connection refused!!! (…/src/mme/mme-sm.c:217)
12/18 20:44:18.566: [mme] INFO: Removed a eNB. Number of eNBs is now 0 (…/src/mme/mme-context.c:73)

Hi Team,

I am unable to login to the web-ui. Can you pl provide us the detailed steps to login to web-ui to configure the ue details


Hi Team,

Can you please help us with the credentials for Web-UI.

Thanks and Regards,

Thank you for your instruction, I will try with my GNS3 :).
BTW would it be slower with GNS3. I encountered some delay with GNS3 for complicated network Architecture that include both VMs + Kubernetes + Routers. That’s why I wonder?